Certification, Education, Networking & Recognition for Green & Sustainable Small & Medium Sized Businesses.

Green Plus is a business improvement program focusing on business education, networking, and recognition. We work on the philosophy of triple bottom line sustainability - meaning we help you improve your bottom line by focusing on your environmental, social, and business practices - what we like to call the Planet, People, and Performance aspects of your business.

We educate, motivate, and recognize smaller enterprises for their efforts towards becoming more sustainable.
We're here to offer tangible, practical tips and expertise in sustainability.

Here's a breakdown of what we do.

Certification, Education, Networking & Recognition

Certification: Green Plus is a year long, triple bottom line education, networking and recognition program. Education combines online tools, graduate student coaching, and connecting peers region to region. Green Plus is now recognized as a university backed, third-party green business certification, and has been used by many membership organizations across the country as the standard by which small- and medium-sized businesses should operate.

Fostering a New Generation of Sustainability Leaders: Green Plus runs a multi-university Fellowship program – bringing together mainly graduate students from different disciplines (business, environment, journalism, social work, and other disciplines), giving them a shared experience and helping them coach businesses in their own communities. Fellows work with Green Plus full time over the summer and part time over the academic year. In addition to business coaching, Fellows also often author individual and group research projects based on their field work.

Research Products and Studies: With its academic and chamber partners, Green Plus has undertaken a number of products, case studies, research projects and how-to guides, including:

  • A small business energy efficiency guide in conjunction with COSE
  • A national undergraduate sustainable case study in conjunction with the AICPA
  • A survey of employers on their attitudes about sustainability and stakeholder engagement in partnership with BrownFlynn
  • Guides for rural entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to participate in the green economy

Economic Development and Public Policy Initiatives: Green Plus is translating empirical and qualitative lessons from working with businesses and nonprofits into economic development and public policy models.

Green Plus seeks to reach small- and medium-sized businesses, specifically those in industries you wouldn't necessary consider "green", in addition businesses just beginning to explore sustainability, and nonprofit organizations, who are generally under served when it comes to sustainability certifications.

Our mission is to:

  • Democratize triple bottom line sustainability by making it accessible to smaller employers and their communities,
  • Foster a new generation of sustainability leaders,
  • Develop a common understanding of sustainability principles across cultures.

Our Impact

We know it's important to take a critical look at impact, and we're taking steps to do so. In the Spring of 2011, the Institute was fortunate to have a Masters student from the school of the environment at Duke University survey Green Plus businesses about the impacts the program had on their businesses.

31 businesses participated in the survey and in-depth interviews. Key findings included:

  • 87% of businesses claim that sustainability has become more integrated into their organization since joining Green Plus
  • 90% report that Green Plus altered their course with regard to sustainability
  • 52% believed that Green Plus helped them generate new business
  • For more than 50%, Green Plus was the first sustainability certification their business had pursued
  • Other findings told us more about the characteristics of organizations involved in the program, such as:

  • 66% have a "green team"
  • 87% have an employee they would identify as a sustainability champion
  • 65% claim that they have over 80% employee participation in sustainability efforts
  • 77% partner with nonprofits through volunteering, donations, or in-kind support
  • And more generally, the results found that in pursuing Green Plus Certification, a variety of new practices were launched, particularly in the areas of management practices, energy and water conservation, waste reduction and alternative transportation.

We are grateful to Catherine Noyes, the Class of 2011 Nicholas School student, for her efforts in compiling these findings and invite you to review her presentation here. In the future, we plan to continue measuring the impact of Green Plus and hope to increase the sample size of those included in the survey.

Our Staff

Program Director; akomar@gogreenplus.org
Amanda is a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where she received her master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication...

Our Fellows

Mariah Smith graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in 2007 with her B.A. in English. She went on to teach with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools...