Green Plus is a business improvement program that provides education, networking, and recognition opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits around the country.   We believe that financial limitations should not be a barrier to business, community, or environmental improvement, and gladly offer open source educational resources, professional guidance, and hands-on training to help eliminate this issue.  However, in order to continue providing this information for free, we need your help.
Please consider supporting us with a financial contribution, so that we may continue providing high-quality and affordable services to our member businesses.  All contributions are tax deductible and will allow us to continue serving hundreds of small businesses to benefit their communities, their economy, and their environment.

Green Plus is a program of The Redwoods Group Foundation, but relies on your financial support to continue its operations. Your donation will go to helping us develop and improve our online resources and tools, hiring interns from local universities for hands-on experience as business and sustainability consultants, and maintaining our nationally recognized third-party Certification program.



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