2010 Summer Fellow

Darshan Mundada

Mission & History

Darshan Mundada is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A Rotary Peace Fellow from India, he was recently awarded a certificate in Peace and Conflict Resolution by a joint program between Duke University and University of North Carolina. Mechanical Engineer by background, he founded and developed a civil society organization in India before pursuing his graduate studies. Through his organization, Friends' Society (Pune), he worked in various spheres of social welfare, community building and sustainable development. He is also Secretary General of the Youth Forum of UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance (Asia Pacific). In parallel with his studies, Mundada is currently working on creating a triple bottom line self-sustainable program for rehabilitation and reintegration of former sex workers in mainstream society in the cities of Pune and Sangli in India. After completion of his studies, he plans to return to India and work on implementing and developing this program.

Business Type

Accommodation or Food Service

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