2010 Summer Fellow

Jessie Margolis

Mission & History

Jessie Margolis is a dual MEM/MBA degree candidate for 2012 at the Nicholas School of the Environment and the Fuqua School of Business. During her first year at Duke, she served as an assistant to the Corporate Sustainability Initiative (CSI) and was an active member of the Students for International Discussion Group and the LEED student group. As an undergraduate student, she studied political science and environmental studies at Tufts University. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she supported the ecotourism center Yachaqui Wayi in Peru as a sustainable development teacher and subsequently worked as a research assistant for the Harvard School of Public Health ACCESS study and an accounts services coordinator at Education First. In addition, she was a sustainability consultant to restaurants in the Boston area, which included developing product life cycle assessment tools to inform purchasing practices.

Business Type

Accommodation or Food Service

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