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Triangle Ecycling

Triangle Ecycling is an official Green Plus Certified business, meaning that it has met the highest economic, environmental, and social standards set by Green Plus. This business has a true and verifiable commitment to sustainability and is leader in its community. Learn more about Green Plus Certification...

Mission & History

Triangle Ecycling is on a mission to promote a new alchemy: converting e-waste into education. We provide a way for businesses, organizations and individuals to support sustainability education and give back to the Triangle community through electronics refurbishing and recycling.

Services & Products

Triangle Ecycling is a triple bottom line (people/planet/performance) business collecting, refurbishing, disassembling and recycling used electronics (e-waste). Our primary mission is to create jobs and educate the community. Our client base is businesses for whom we provide a pickup service. We also have a drop-off location in downtown Durham for individuals. Data security is a top priority. Once computers are broken down and hard drives destroyed, all e-waste is hauled by TROSA. The end of the line is our certified R2 recycling partner GEEP in RTP which is used by institutions such as Duke University, RBC Bank and Lenovo. We charge a modest service fee and ten percent of our profits go to Durham Public Schools with the goal of supporting sustainability education. Please call Larry Herst at 919.414.3041 for more info or to schedule a pick up.

Business Type

Services (excluding public administration)

Sustainability Awards & Certification

Green Plus Certified

Best Practices

Achieving Green Plus Certification reflects a company’s commitment to improving its profits through economic, social, and environmental practices: the triple bottom line. While all Green Plus Certified and Mover businesses have embraced practices in these three areas to improve its sustainability, some companies go above and beyond by achieving a perfect score in sub-categories of the Green Plus Diagnostic Survey.
These are areas where Triangle Ecycling excels:


These are areas where Triangle Ecycling excels at implementing environmentally sustainable practices:
Waste Reduction
Site Selection


These are areas where Triangle Ecycling excels at the financial and organizational aspects of business:
Financial Information
Stakeholder Engagement
Raising Awareness