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Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM)

Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) is an official Green Plus Mover business, meaning that it has met economic, environmental, and social standards set by Green Plus. This business has taken concrete steps in these areas and is making progress towards becoming a leader for sustainability in its community. Learn more about Green Plus Certification...

Mission & History

Natural Environmental Ecological Management.org is a start up 501(c)3 (pending) non-profit corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, and community through promotion of urban farming, education in sustainable and Agroecological concepts with effective, biological alternatives to chemical inputs and the farm as the fulcrum to sustainable community development.

Services & Products

Projects, Consulting, foreign exchange Sustainable Agricultural delegations to Cuba, CSA and SDA (Sustainable Durham Agriculture), starter plants, nursery supplies, Rain Water Harvesting, Aquaculture (Crayfish specific), diversified agro-forestry and related products to all categories.

Business Type


Sustainability Awards & Certification

OFAC Department of Treasury “People to People Exchange” license, NEEM and Burt’s Bees receive the “KEEP DURHAM BEAUTIFUL” GOLDEN LEAF, International Conference on Sustainable and Organic Agriculture, Havana 2012, Conservation Fund, Kodak & National Geographic Society American Green ways Award, Duke Durham Neighborhood Partnership (DDNP), Farm Energy Efficiency Project (FEEP), Green Project of the Year award, Farm Services Agency Agroecological and Susutainable Urban Farm registration (USDA)

Best Practices

Achieving Green Plus Certification reflects a company’s commitment to improving its profits through economic, social, and environmental practices: the triple bottom line. While all Green Plus Certified and Mover businesses have embraced practices in these three areas to improve its sustainability, some companies go above and beyond by achieving a perfect score in sub-categories of the Green Plus Diagnostic Survey.
These are areas where Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) excels:


These are areas where Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) excels at implementing environmentally sustainable practices:
Waste Reduction
Site Selection


These are areas where Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) excels at implementing business practices that supports its community and is fair towards its workers:
Community Engagement


These are areas where Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) excels at the financial and organizational aspects of business:
Stakeholder Engagement