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Sanitation Creations

Sanitation Creations is an official Green Plus Mover business, meaning that it has met economic, environmental, and social standards set by Green Plus. This business has taken concrete steps in these areas and is making progress towards becoming a leader for sustainability in its community. Learn more about Green Plus Certification...

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The mission of Sanitation Creations is to offer environmentally-friendly, hygienic sanitation solutions that are odorless, waterless, and economical. We are a triple-bottomed lined company dedicated to environmentally-friendly sanitation solutions that focus on the 2.5 billion people without access to sanitation. Current portable toilets are odorous, difficult to empty, and require wastewater treatment. Sanitation Creations has developed the solution to these portable toilet problems through the Dungaroo.The patent-pending Dungaroo is an environmentally-friendly portable toilet that is waterless, odorless and cost efficient! It uses specially-lined bags that kill odor-causing pathogens. The objective of the Dungaroo by Sanitation Creations is to innovate the portable toilet industry in developed countries, while working towards improving sanitation in developing countries.

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Sustainability Awards & Certification

2013 Green Plus Sole Proprietor of the Year

Best Practices

Achieving Green Plus Certification reflects a company’s commitment to improving its profits through economic, social, and environmental practices: the triple bottom line. While all Green Plus Certified and Mover businesses have embraced practices in these three areas to improve its sustainability, some companies go above and beyond by achieving a perfect score in sub-categories of the Green Plus Diagnostic Survey.
These are areas where Sanitation Creations excels:


These are areas where Sanitation Creations excels at implementing environmentally sustainable practices:
Waste Reduction
Sustainable Purchasing
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These are areas where Sanitation Creations excels at the financial and organizational aspects of business:
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