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Sprout Energy Corporation

Mission & History

Claiborne combines her technical, sales and marketing expertise in her role as Sprout Energy Corporation’s Operations Manager. Her “roll up her sleeves” approach drives the organization’s day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to year progress. Claiborne considers herself to be responsible for preserving the overall internal and external health of an organization. She takes the lead in gathering, synthesizing and sharing information and documentation internally. Her responsibilities include ensuring that Sprout Energy Corporation meets critical deadlines and maintains a focus on the organization’s mission –with a watchful eye on the overall profitability of the company.

Services & Products

Sprout Energy Corporation is the creation and the passion of a team of green energy professionals in North Eastern, NC who recognize the tremendous need to demystify renewable energy and have it become more familiar in daily life. Sprout’s partners bring to the organization backgrounds in marketing, software, construction, engineering, architecture, commercial development and the custom boat industry. The partners are all energetic individuals who came together through a series of coincidences to create a clean tech company with focus on education, streamlined solutions, and smart design through a growing array of Sprout products. Sprout Energy Corporation emerged out of the founders’ quest to sprout new ideas about renewable energy – to challenge everyone, especially youth, to experience, learn, think. The organization has a particular commitment to finding affordable and engaging ways to provide products, technology, and curriculum that inspire the tomorrow’s leaders about the value of renewable energy.

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