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Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation is an official Green Plus Certified business, meaning that it has met the highest economic, environmental, and social standards set by Green Plus. This business has a true and verifiable commitment to sustainability and is leader in its community. Learn more about Green Plus Certification...

Mission & History

History: The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation was established in 1936 as a memorial to the youngest son of the founder of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. In 1946 the Foundation entered into a contract with Wake Forest University to move the college from the town of Wake Forest in Wake County to Winston-Salem. The Foundation has continued to have a special relationship with Wake Forest University over the years and provides annual support to it. One of the initial trustees of the Foundation was Z. Smith Reynolds' uncle, William Neal Reynolds, who at his death in 1951 created a trust that now provides a portion of the Foundation's annual income. Mission: Improve the quality of life of the people of North Carolina.

Services & Products

The Foundation makes grants only to nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organizations and institutions that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to governmental units. No grants are made to individuals for any purpose. Organizations that operate both within and outside of the State of North Carolina may be eligible for consideration for programs operating in North Carolina. However, this Foundation is restricted to making grants supporting projects in North Carolina with the purpose of benefiting residents of North Carolina. For more information about our grantmaking, publications, and other news, please visit our website (zsr.org) or follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/ZSRFoundation).

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Sustainability Awards & Certification

Green Plus Certified

Best Practices

Achieving Green Plus Certification reflects a company’s commitment to improving its profits through economic, social, and environmental practices: the triple bottom line. While all Green Plus Certified and Mover businesses have embraced practices in these three areas to improve its sustainability, some companies go above and beyond by achieving a perfect score in sub-categories of the Green Plus Diagnostic Survey.
These are areas where Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation excels:


These are areas where Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation excels at implementing environmentally sustainable practices:
Waste Reduction
Site Selection


These are areas where Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation excels at implementing business practices that supports its community and is fair towards its workers:
Human Resources & Employee Effectiveness
Community Engagement


These are areas where Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation excels at the financial and organizational aspects of business:
Financial Information
Stakeholder Engagement
Sustainability Management

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