Are there any personal care/cosmetic companies that are certified fair trade?


Fairtrade certification is growing in the cosmetics industry. The first fairtrade product made by a American company was Queen Helene Naturals, produced by Hain Celestial.

In 2008, shea butter became the first fair trade cosmetic in Canada. Also, the Organic Monitor has drafted a report on the business potential of fairtrade cosmetics and ingredients.  Fairtrade certification is being adopted increasingly by smaller cosmetic companies to separate themselves from competitors. However, there is evidence of interest by larger companies, like Hain Celestial, in the benefits of providing fairtrade cosmetics.

Below, you can find lists of US and international fairtrade organizations with direct links to their certified cosmetic businesses.

Fairtrade Federation – US-based certifier with one cosmetic member business based in Boulder, CO.

Fairtrade USA – US-based certifier with an extensive/international list of fairtrade certified cosmetic companies.

Fairtrade Foundation – UK-based fairtrade certifier with an international list of fairtrade certified cosmetic companies.

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