Can you tell me which shipping company to select in order to reduce carbon associated with my shipping?


There are several options available to you about carbon reduction related to shipping. On the more commercially well-know shipping companies, both UPS (through CarbonNeutral) and FedEx offer the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets, however FedEx’s service currently only applies to envelope shipping. That being said, both FedEx and UPS are well known for their separate environmental initiatives, particularly on investments on alternative-fuel vehicles. The Atlanta Constitution Journal has a good write up on the differences between the two.

Alternatively, on a smaller scale, TerraPass has teamed up with uShip to provide customers with the most environmentally friendly shipping companies. TerraPass itself certifies these shipping companies, so you as a customer know they are legitimate and credible. If you ship on a larger scale, TerraPass also partners with Freightquote to reduce carbon emissions on freight shipping.

Additionally, there are endless numbers of organizations that allow you to purchase carbon offsets from your shipping. Check out GreenShipping.com¬†or CarbonFund.org if you’re interested in just purchasing carbon offsets.

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