How Companies of All Sizes Tap into Innovation


Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about how small businesses have been leading the charge in creating new innovations that are great for the bottom line, but also happen to be great for the environment. There are small technology firms creating smart thermostats and software that help measure and control wasted energy in real time; there are small farms that use the natural grazing patterns of livestock, improving energy use, water quality, and cost efficiency; and, there are small beer brewers that have reimagined every aspect of the brewing process, from using all natural ingredients to employing a fleet of biodiesel delivery trucks.

But it isn’t only small business that has realized the importance of innovations.

While the majority of Americans work for small businesses and thousands of them contribute to these environmental innovations, big corporations are utilizing their extensive resources (both employee and financial) to try to develop their own innovations. Companies like McDonalds, Puma, and AT&T are creating innovations that have a three-fold benefit; not only are they improving revenue, they are improving the community and improving the environment…


To read the rest of the article on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate Citizenship Center’s website, click here.

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