AutoGrid’s technology makes sense of smart grid big data

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AutoGrid Systems


Technology gathers and interprets smart grid big data




Helps users optimize production schedules and operations and save money


The smart grid generates a massive quantity of valuable data. So far this information has been difficult to capture and is underutilized. As a result, energy production schedules and operations are not optimized and they can be unneccessarily expensive. Palo Alto-based start up, AutoGrid Systems, has developed a technology that uses big data analytics and algorithms to help consumers, utilities, and others make sense of smart grid data.

AutoGrid’s cloud-based Energy Data Platform was developed in partnership with U.C. Berkeley, Columbia University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The  technology collects information from a vast array of energy data sources such as residential or commercial smart meters and uses it to understand consumption under a variety of conditions. The capacity generated by AutoGrid’s software makes it possible to track and manage power use more efficiently which has positive implications for balancing the grid. It also makes energy demand predictions much more precise, potentially yielding significant carbon reductions and cost savings in the hundreds of millions.

AutoGrid has already contracted with two customers: Palo Alto’s city utility for a commercial project and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) for a residential project. The company has also received almost $12 million in funding from private investors and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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