Promoting the Resilience of Natural and Built Environments: 9/24/2012

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Business Civic Leadership Center


Public / Private Partnerships


Role of the private sector in promoting the resilience of built and natural environments.


Protecting environmentally and economically vulnerable parts of the US.

September 24, 2012 – 9a.m.: Through the support of State Farm, BCLC is convening to discuss the role of the private sector in promoting the resilience of built and natural environments. Natural and built environments are critical infrastructures to consider when promoting robust communities. The pace that communities can recover after natural disasters is greatly affected by such factors as the quality and carrying capacity of transportation systems, the design, location, and viability of housing, the mitigating effects of natural defenses, and the resilience of natural resources.

The meeting will discuss:

  • The relationship between natural defenses, built environments and livelihoods 
  • The relationship between intermodal transportation systems, weather, and human safety 
  • The relationship between Redfields (physically or financially distressed properties) and Greenfields in places like Miami, New Orleans, and Cedar Rapids
  • The application of smart technologies to natural and built habitat

This discussion is vital because environmentally and economically vulnerable parts of the country will suffer significantly due to future extreme weather events, if new strategies and partnerships are not utilized. 

This meeting is a working group member meeting open to BCLC disaster recovery and environmental network members in good standing and invited guests of IEDC and NADO.  For more information, please contact Gerald McSwiggan.



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