Brioni’s Coffee Company Designs an Eco-friendly Alternative to the K-Cup

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Brioni's Coffee Company


Eco-friendly Alternative to the K-Cup




Reduces Landfill Waste


In a society of consumers seeking efficiency and personalization, the Keurig® machine has snatched market share, appearing on kitchen counters in a reported 6 million households. Meanwhile, waste from single brew K-cups made of non-recyclable materials like heat sealed plastic and polyethylene-coated foil is accumulating quickly at landfills. Brioni Coffee Company has invented a replacement for the K-cup that is thoughtfully designed to be less impactful on the planet. 

Brioni’s adapter, the Green Cup, contains no BPA, retains its function for 2,000 uses and is 100% recyclable. It is made for use with Brioni Coffee Pods and the goal for the whole system is a better cup of joe. Small ledges of varying heights at the base of the Green Cup apply just the right amount of pressure to the coffee pod membrane so that the grounds are thoroughly and evenly saturated in a manner similar to a french press. The Green Cup is further engineered so that all of the water from the brewing process gets absorbed by the pod which can then be composted.

Brioni’s contracted with Whole Foods for a nationwide launch of the Green Cup last week. The grocery has previously refused to sell K-Cups because they violate its rigorous environmental standards. According to Brioni’s calculations this sales policy was costing Whole Foods $50 million in business which the company pitched the Green Cup could recapture. As of November 1, the $12.99 Green Cup starter kit will be sold at several Whole Foods stores in Connecticut.

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