Diesel gas additive results in lower emissions and better air quality

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Sylvatex – San Francisco, CA


Low Carbon Innovation


Energy, Air Quality/Emissions, Gasoline supply


Improved air quality, reduced amount of oil used in refining process


Sylvatex, a San Francisco-based fuel technology company, has created a fuel additive that will reduce the mount of harmful particulates emitted from diesel gas.  

The additive is made of affordable, renewable, non-toxic, and locally sourced forms of biomass.  It will not reduce the quality of the diesel fuel or affect the vehicle’s performance. 

The additive is incorporated during the refining process and works to increase the size of fuel molecules, resulting in less fuel being produced, but still meeting air quality regulations and maintaining profits.  Since the components of the additive are non-toxic, the amount of harmful gases and particulates emitted by the vehicle is drastically reduced.  The additive does not require any equipment modifications on the part of fuel distributors, and is compatible with all available engines running on diesel gas.

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