New software eliminates unnecessary printing, saving money and trees

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Green Print Technologies – Portland, OR


Paper reduction software


Waste reduction


Reduces the amount of pages that are unnecessary printed by eliminating the one-line of text at the end of printed internet articles



Launched in 2006, GreenPrint functions by acting as a faux printer, inserting itself between the internet browser and the actual printer.  When a user prints a document, it is first sent to this virtual printer.  GreenPrint scrutinizes the document and eliminates any unnecessary pages, then sends the document to the actual printer to be printed. 

Cost Savings

  • For a business with 5,000 computers: save nearly $400,000 annually by avoiding printing 6.3 million pages.   
  • The average individual: save $90 annually and avoid printing 1,400 unnecessary pages per year. 
  • The city of Portland, which has purchased 5,500 licenses of Green Print: estimates that it can save $620,000 annually in printing costs and avoid printing 7.7 million pages per year, equivalent to about 860 trees

A free version of the software, GreenPrint World V2, is available to home users, non-profit organizations, and schools.  GreenPrint users can view print data in real time through a secure data server in order to see the effect of GreenPrint.  The highest volume users, the applications printed the least and most frequently, total pages printed, the printers used the least and most frequently, the identification of costly printers, and the total inventory of active printers are all examples of data that can be collected by GreenPrint that can be used by managers to save money.

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