Sanitation Creations is solving the global sanitation crisis one toilet at a time

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Sanitation Creations


Waterless, Hygienic, Energy-Producing Retrofit Device for Portable Toilets


Waste, Water, Energy


Solving the global sanitation crisis with a better toilet


One of the least enjoyable things about participating in an organized festival, sporting event or athletic race is using the port-a-potty. They are dark, smelly and generally just gross. Portable toilets also contribute significantly to water expenditure problems in the United States. Each year, the processes associated with their cleaning and maintenance consume millions of gallons of water. Sanitation Creations is a Durham, NC-based start up working creatively to solve these issues.

The company has developed the Dungaroo: a retrofit device that coverts a traditional portable toilet into an odorless, waterless, hygienic and energy-producing system. The patent-pending device seals waste in specially lined, pathogen-killing bags. The captured excrement can then be used to fuel digesters that produce methane. The collection system is efficient and inexpensive, gathering the single-use bags into a containment bag for disposal without using water-wasting sanitation trucks.

Sanitation Creations plans to license their product design to U.S. portable toilet manufacturers for use in the camping, recreation or transportation sectors. The company is also committed to getting the Dungaroo into the developing world where even the worst port-a-potty in the U.S. is more hygienic than the facilities available to most people. In these countries, 2.6 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation which, according to World Health Organization, leads to the death of 1.5 million each year and 4,500 children every day. Here the Dungaroo would not only provide a more pleasant and eco-sensitive bathroom experience, it would also be life-saving.

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