ThermaPAVER Sustainably Heats and Cools From Underneath Pavement

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Thermo hydronic panels store and collect energy under ordinary paving slabs


Energy; Heating & Cooling


Making extreme weather conditions more bearable without the production of harmful emissions


While renewable energy sources continue to become cheaper and more efficient, for some, the aesthetic stigma remains. Because of this, Therma-HEXX has developed thermo hydronic panels called ThermaPAVER, which act as heat exchangers, collecting and storing energy from the atmosphere on hot days, while remaining out of sight. The panels act as heat exchangers, using that energy to heat water, either pool water or domestic water. The heat can also be stored, which will simultaneously cool the paving slabs.

In colder climates, ThermaPAVER can be tied into geothermal or waste heat systems to facilitate the melting of snow on sidewalks and driveways without the use of fossil fuels. Both of the major functions of the panels look to lessen the inconveniences of extreme weather, according to owner/CEO Robert Barmore: “The temperature [of traditional pedestal-mounted and ground-mounted architectural pavers and flagstones] can surge to over 140º F on sunny days, creating an intolerable environment. In winter, snow and ice accumulate on them, rendering the areas unusable.”

By using ThermaPAVER panels, these scenarios can possibly be avoided without the harmful emissions associated with traditional heating and cool. To add to that, they’re virtually unnoticeable and are estimated to have a return on investment within 3 years.

Drew Nitschke is a first-year graduate student at Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, working towards degree in Environmental Economics and Policy. He is especially interested in sustainability and how it relates to business of all sizes. He graduated from UCLA in June 2012 after...
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