Supply Chain Information – Construction

Sector Name:  Construction

SIC Code: 23


Major Players in the Construction Industry

  • Bechtel
  • Koch Industries
  • Kiewit Corp.
  • Renco Group
  • CH2M Hill
  • Guardian Industries
  • Clark Enterprises
  • Kohler
  • Berry Plastics
  • Gilbane


Major Issues Affecting the Industry

Doing business with large construction companies will require identifying your goods or services, researching the market for your goods or services, and then contacting your target company (e.g., via online bidding portals or E-mail).  Some online sites for companies may not make it clearly apparent if they offer procurement options nor how to make your goods and services available.  Others, like Bechtel, CH2M Hill, and Gilbane, have straightforward online portals that require you to register with them, which will make your bids available to their global database. 


Key Requirements

  • Registration with Dun & Bradstreet and have a current DUNS number
  • Federal Tax ID/Business Registration


Key Certifications


Getting Started

  • Identify the goods and/or services you wish to supply
  • Research different companies and what goods and services they purchase
  • If interested, research how to become a supplier at each company’s website
  • Make sure your company passes your target company’s requirements and qualifications
  • Understand U.S. export and import control regulations and laws (if applicable)
  • Strengthen your knowledge of industry codes and standards


 Going Further

  • For companies with online portals (i.e., Bechtel, CH2M Hill, Gilbane):
  • Register your company at the website
  • After registering, frequently update your company’s capabilities
  • Research more about their supply chain requirements and maintain qualifications
  • Evaluate specific project opportunities
  • Submit information and make bids into database of suppliers and subcontractors


Best Practices


Established a Sustainable Development Policy.


Koch Industries

Tower office headquarters building has ENERGY STAR certification for three straight years.


Renco Group

Commitment to incorporating recycling, conservation, and preservation in each of their projects.


CH2M Hill

Leading engineer-procure-construct company offering wide spectrum of expertise, knowledge, and services across varied industries and government agencies.



One of the nation’s oldest family-owned construction and real estate development companies.  Still keeping strong, as Forbes named Gilbane in 2009 one of the “100 best companies to work for” in the United States.



Key Resources

Bechtel Supplier and Contractor Portal

Link to Bechtel’s online portal for suppliers and subcontractors

Bechtel Portal


CH2M Hill “Help Guide for ePortal”

Helps with the registration process online with CH2M Hill

Help Guide for ePortal


Gilbane Training Guide to iBidPro

Training and how-to guide for Gilbane’s web-based purchasing application, iBidPro

iBidPro Guide


Key Words:

CM: construction management (acronym)

EPCM: engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance (acronym)

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): a new delivery model based on lean construction principals that enhances value through maximizing efficiency and collaboration of all involved

Lump Sum contract:  a contract used to reduce design and contract administration costs often associated with simple and small projects

Procurement:  the acquisition of goods or services

Direct procurement: the procurement of goods and services on client projects across company business groups (as used with CH2M Hill)

Indirect procurement: the procurement of goods and services on non-client internal company operations purposes (as used with CH2M Hill)

Subcontractor: One that enters into a subcontract and assumes some of the obligations of the primary contractor

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