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The Environmental Help Desk helps businesses understand green supply chain requirements and find cost-reducing environmental innovations. The Help Desk is a partnership of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Corporate Citizenship Center and the Institute for Sustainable Development's Green Plus™ program.
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Recent Comments

Dennis Gillan | 
July 8, 2013
http://www.epa.gov/dfe/ Do not forget this program as well from the EPA...
Daniel R Armstrong | 
April 24, 2013
In your opinion what certifications are worth doing?..
Business Environmental Help Desk | 
April 22, 2013
For Earth Day: Is that 'green' certification you've been thinking about really worth ..
Business Environmental Help Desk | 
March 27, 2013
"Toshiba is leading the way in this area, unveiling a multifunction printer that can erase ink ..
Marty Vaher | 
March 3, 2013
lets hope, this inspires many, working towards repair of Earths biological systems...
Gillian Kiley | 
February 27, 2013
So, if NYC is expected to eventually have the climate of Abu Dhabi (!), maybe this Cool Blue pigment..
Business Environmental Help Desk | 
February 1, 2013
Environmental Innovator of the Week: Therma-Hexx - using tech to make better use of geothermal energ..

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    Sylvatex, a San Francisco-based fuel technology company, has created a fuel additive that will reduce the mount of harmful particulates emitted from diesel gas.   The additive is made...
  • By On July 18, 2012 in Help Desk Questions
    Are there any personal care/cosmetic companies that are certified fair trade?
    Fairtrade certification is growing in the cosmetics industry. The first fairtrade product made by a American company was Queen Helene Naturals, produced by Hain Celestial. In 2008, shea butter became...