Green Plus Diagnostic Tool and Workbook

How To Use This Tool
Below is an illustration and written instructions on how to use Green Plus Sustainability Diagnostic Tool, the assessment which is the basis for possible Green Plus Certification.
instructions graphic
The Green Plus Diagnostic Tool is a series of online questions about your organization?s practices related to Performance, Planet and People.
  • In smaller organizations, a business owner or executive director may know the answers to most or all of the questions, and may be able to answer on his or her own. Larger organizations may find it useful to assemble a team to research, answer and execute different parts of the diagnostic tool.
  • Answering questions: The Green Plus Diagnostic Tool saves your answers automatically so that you can exit the tool and return at any time. For any question, there are five possible answers
    • Yes ? if your organization currently uses the practice mentioned
    • Commit ? if your organization is committed to engaging in the practice discussed
    • No ? if you have no plans to engage the practice mentioned
    • N/A  – if the practice does not apply to your organization.
    • Unsure ? if you are uncertain about the definition of the practice or unsure of whether your organization uses it
  • If you believe a practice is not applicable or if you are unsure about its relevance to your organization, please leave a short comment in the box following the question.  If you are able to provide more information about a question to which you have answered “Yes,” “No,” or “Commit,” please include that information.
  • Improving your performance: If you want to learn more as you go through the Diagnostic Tool, click through to the Green Plus How To Guide

After you submit your diagnostic test

  • Institute staff will contact you with feedback on your results, and to establish a timeframe for completing items pertaining to certification
  • Your organization will be listed in the national Green Plus Business Directory as a Green Plus Mover ? a community of businesses and non profits actively working toward sustainability

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