Podcast: Hitachi Foundation / Green Plus Partnership


The Hitachi Foundation and Green Plus have recently joined in a collaborative partnership to extend and promote the Foundation’s research on workforce training and employee engagement. 

In a brand new podcast by Green Plus, Community Coordinator Amanda Komar talks with Tom Strong, a Program Manager for the Hitachi Foundation, about the Foundation, its mission, and how it supports and promotes business development through employee training and outreach programs.  Tom and Amanda also discussed the new collaborative partnership between the Hitachi Foundation and Green Plus, and what it would mean for both organizations.

Check out a preview of the podcast below, or click here to listen now!


On types of businesses the Hitachi Foundation supports…

Strong: “We’re particularly interested in industries that, in the US, still employ large numbers of low-income people, because those are the companies that are in the most control over the factors we’re interested in.” 


On the goals for the Hitachi Foundation’s Pioneer Employer Program…

Strong: “We want to now find the next wave of early adopters, the next 5-7 percent of companies who want to take care of their workers.  Their hearts are in the right place for all the right reasons, but they may not have figured out a way to do it yet that’s fiscally sustainable for them.”  


On how the Hitachi Foundation helps businesses…

Strong: “One thing that we want to do in sharing these stories is show how companies have taken [funding] resources and found ways to really maximize it and bring them a return, while also creating significant opportunities for advancement in their communities and for their own employees.”

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