Responsible Ecycling: Fighting a Global Problem with a Local Solution


The new documentary “e-wasteland” provides a stark vision of the global environmental and humanitarian tragedy that has resulted from the tech boom we are enjoying. The film is the latest in a growing body of work promoting awareness of the critical importance of proper e-waste disposal. It is 20 minutes well spent for anyone with a sustainability consciousness but limited exposure to the impact end-of-life electronics is having in developing areas of the globe.

While Congress delays action on the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act which would limit exports and control trade in electronics commodities, boosting the domestic recycling industry, states, including North Carolina, are passing laws banning dumping in landfills. This has had the presumably unintended consequence of encouraging some of the largest producers to ship e-waste out of state or overseas.

Responsible “ecycling” starts at home, and at the office. It is good for the environment not only in so far as it prevents shipping, hauling and toxic dumping but it also reduces the mining and manufacturing of the elements that go into new electronics. Additionally, it creates jobs, including right here in Durham. Our newly Green Plus Certified business, Triangle Ecycling, is designed to convert e-waste into jobs at a simple volume to job ratio. Security of information and data is guaranteed and 100% of all e-waste is ethically recycled. By giving us a call or dropping by our downtown Durham location you can address a global problem with a very local solution.



Triangle Ecycling is on a mission to promote a new alchemy: converting e-waste into education. We provide a way for businesses, organizations and individuals to support sustainability education and give back to the Triangle community through electronics refurbishing and recycling.
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