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  • You might not think of a tire company as ‘green’, but Chapel Hill Tire & Car Care retrofitted with energy and water-efficient upgrades, planted a rain garden, and installed solar panels. That caught the attention of media and new customers, leading directly to sales.

  • Accounting firm HPG proved to clients it walked the walk AND talked the talk when it came to ‘clean technology.’ Our certification helped the firm win robust new accounts.

  • Lube Stop, a quick oil change company, wanted to reduce the amount of packaging waste for the higher volume products it bought. So Lube Stop worked with several vendors to create different shipping and packaging options. That meant savings for them, their supplier and a significant reduction in wasted resources.

  • Technical service provider Pharmaceutical Calibration and Instrumentation (PCI), a Triangle Business Journal Fast 50 company, cares about environmental, employee and community responsibility and shows it through their programs. Our certification helps them back the claim. Customers and suppliers put weight on a university-backed certification.

  • Warehousing company Riley Life Logistics started reusing the cardboard boxes it got, saving thousands of dollars in materials costs. Riley stamped boxes with a note indicating intentional reuse, communicating its green values to customers. Such practices, along with Green Plus Certification, earned Riley Life a significant new account.



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