Cleveland Design Manufacturer Floraline Display Earns Green Plus Certification

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Floraline Display, a Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturing company, joins over 60 businesses and organizations across the United States that have earned full Green Plus certification.

A family-owned and operated business for more than 20 years, Floraline Display manufactures commercial floral display fixtures and custom cabinetry.  Floraline began the Green Plus certification process in August, 2010. The company has embraced sustainability by using technology as a platform for sustainable improvements, such as auto-programmed thermostats and motion-censored lighting.

Part of Floraline’s innovative sustainability practices stem from the innovation it puts into its products, such as state of the art pre-manufacturing imaging models, which allows designers to create digital images of displays prior to manufacturing, cutting down on its production waste and eliminating the unnecessary purchase of materials.   As a result, Floraline has achieved zero waste for all its new manufactured products for the past six months.

Floraline Display received a 95 percent overall score from Green Plus, and is dedicated to continually improving its sustainability initiatives.

The Institute for Sustainable Development / Green Plus

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