Real Results for Acting Locally

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Prioritizing people.
Plus, keeping it
local and real.


  • The Buckeye Area Development Corporation (BADC) used Green Plus to help encourage further green action after businesses in the district received energy audits. BADC hopes to see Buckeye Road merchants become the first “green-certified retail district” in Cleveland.

  • Cargas, a software developer for energy delivery companies and a Microsoft Dynamics partner, discovered it could help to redevelop a blighted area by relocating its offices to a city location, earning LEED certification to boot. The software company also wanted to move to a spot where employees could bike to work.

  • For over 36 years, the Irregardless Cafe has been a restaurant that features vegetarian and vegan menu options, as well as local and organic produce. It has prided itself at honoring its people and community. Green Plus helped the Cafe discover even more ways to practice community stewardship, with better energy and water use.

  • Office furniture manufacturers The Taylor Companies restored a contaminated industrial site in the same town that the company’s founder was originally from.  Further supporting the local community, Taylor Cos. helped get a law passed that gives local and sustainable businesses a leg up on city contracts.


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