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  • Accounting firm HPG found that with the copious amount of sunlight streaming through its office windows, it didn’t need all the interior lights it used. So the company took out one light tube from every fixture throughout the building. It now saves money on electricity and utilizes more natural light.

  • The PTA Thrift Shop used to pay a waste hauler to take away scrap metal. Then it found it there was a market for this material. Now the organization earns thousands each year from the resale and has kept 160 tons of scrap metal out of the landfill, too.

  • When the warehousing company Riley Life Logistics started reusing cardboard boxes, people noticed. Riley stamped boxes, letting customers see its values. Such practices, along with Green Plus Certification, earned Riley Life a significant new account.

  • The Taylor Companies, an office furniture manufacturer, invested in energy efficient equipment and an energy audit, saving $80,000 per year in energy costs. The resulting savings take pressure off sales and add to the bottom line.

  • Chapel Hill Tire & Car Care found that with state and federal incentives, it could break even on solar panels in just a few short years. After that, it will make money on its energy generation.



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