GreenBiz: How to Work with Your Vendors to Go on a Packaging Diet

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As recently published on by Claudia Girrbach:

“Packaging — especially wasteful packaging — has become a bright spot on the radar for companies and individuals that are working on reducing their environmental impacts. But even the most proactive companies are finding that the problem can’t simply be addressed in-house.

In my work in the IT department, I am constantly frustrated with the wasteful product packaging we receive from our IT equipment vendors. And the complaints are widespread, as in these examples I’ve gotten from our customers.

“Software licenses were sent in a large box bubble wrapped inside a cardboard envelope!” Steve, an IT Service Provider, told me. “Surely in this digital age something like this could be communicated electronically?”

The amount of materials is one of the biggest challenges, according to Stephan, who operates a large data center. “Plastic bubble wrap, empty cardboard spacers inside of cardboard boxes, surrounded by foam peanuts, and topped off with documentation that nobody will ever read or use — it’s ridiculous!”

Along those lines, the waste is so excessive that Rick, who works at a government agency, explained, “We had to hire a part time person one day a week just to dispose of this stuff in as green a manner as we can.”

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