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The Green Plus How To Guide

The Green Plus How to Guide mirrors the Certification Assessment ? it is separated into the themes Performance, Planet, and People, and then further into sub topics (i.e. Organizational Planning and Documentation, Energy, Community Involvement).

Within each sub topic you will find the following information:

  • A brief description of the subject and its relevancy
  • A summary of easy, moderate, and challenging steps a business can take to engage this topic
  • Links to local and national organizations, services, and groups that can help your business be more successful in this area
  • A glossary of relevant terms

Sharing your knowledge

The How To Guide is a collection of information sourced from the Institute, its university partners, and successful businesses like yours. We welcome your input, both your personal knowledge of how your organization became more successful in a given area as well as your ideas about how the guide would be more useful for you. On each page there you will find a space to share your comments and ideas.

How To Video (coming soon):

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