I’m Certified. Now what?

Congratulations on becoming Green Plus™ Certified!  Certification indicates a high level of commitment to the triple bottom line, and we commend you and your organization for your efforts.  Of course, Green Plus™ certification is not the end of the road, and we offer the following thoughts for future efforts (ranked from easy to difficult), based on observations of leaders who have been pursuing sustainability for years, some of whom are Green Plus™ Certified themselves.  Some of you have asked specifically, “what happens next?” and we hope this list will serve to provide further ideas of what is possible.

Internal Operations & Culture

  • If you don’t yet have one, form a green team.
  • Post green signs or reminders at your place of business.
  • Send out a newsletter about People and Planet activities and updates.
  • Designate awards for green innovations or green leadership.
  • Calculate the carbon footprint for your organization.
  • Formalize ongoing sustainability goals.
  • Tie sustainability goals to employee bonuses.
  • Publish an annual sustainability report.
  • Seek additional certifications – LEED, FSC, RFA, and others are credible and useful depending on your industry.
  • Research what it would take to get to zero waste and start heading there.
  • Research renewable energy options.
  • Perform a Life Cycle Assessment of your organization.

External Activities

  • Post your sustainable practices and resources that have been helpful on your website.
  • Communicate what you’re doing downstream to your customers and upstream to your suppliers.
  • Make the business case for sustainability and then share it.
  • Advocate for local policy changes to reduce barriers to sustainability.


  • Participate in local community sustainability organizations.
  • Join or form an industry consortium on sustainable best practices.
  • Mentor other organizations – we’d love to connect you with Green Plus Movers and Pre-Movers.
  • Speak on panels or at other events about Green Plus and sustainability.

This list is by no means exhaustive.  In our experience, the easiest way to change is to connect and work together.  We invite you to contact us with suggested additions for this page and other ways we can support you.

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