Triangle Companies Leading the Way to Sustainability

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(From the News & Observer) “The Triangle’s green business climate has become very robust in the last five years,” said Chris Carmody, executive director of Green Plus, a certification program for small business in North Carolina. “At the grass-roots level, consumers and small businesses alike inherently want to do the right thing, so they go to great lengths to run operations that support the health of the community in the long term.”

“Raleigh has begun to develop the infrastructure necessary to support clean tech developments. A $3.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy as part of the 2009 stimulus package helped fund Raleigh’s efforts to install solar panels on city buildings, implement energy-efficient technology and build hybrid vehicle charging stations around the city.

Since then, clean tech companies have invested more that $700 billion in capital and created 2,600 new jobs in the Research Triangle region.

“The clean industries we support make Raleigh attractive to other green business,” Sauls said. “Raleigh has its own sustainability mantra. We’re doing and living what we’re preaching, and Raleigh being a leader in sustainability gives businesses a lot of opportunity here.”

Other Triangle cities have similar goals. Durham is installing hybrid-vehicle charging stations, and several of its public parking facilities use energy efficient lighting. In Chapel Hill, town buildings constructed after 2005 were built using sustainable business practices.

In North Carolina, most state government subsidies and tax rebates are awarded to businesses that promote energy efficiency rather than businesses that provide green products or services.” 

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