2012 Green Plus Sustainable Business Awards To Be Held April 12th

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2012 Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Awards To Be Held April 12th

Please join us for the Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Awards Thursday, April 12, from 8:30am – 1pm at Research Triangle Park Foundation. Presented annually by GlaxoSmithKline, the awards recognize America’s leading green and sustainable smaller enterprises.

“Sustainability Top Down/Bottom Up” — a pair of dialogues with business leaders — will precede the awards. A brief networking session will be held in between the dialogues, followed by lunch and the Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Awards.

About the Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Awards

Award Categories include 

  • Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise of the Year (any size)
  • Green Plus Medium-Sized Employer
  • Green Plus Sustainable Small Business of the Year
  • Green Plus Sole Proprietor / Home Based Business of the Year
  • Green Plus Non – Profit
  • For – Benefit Corporation / Social Enterprise of the Year 

Visit this link to learn about past Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Award winners and here for a video summary of the 2011 Green Plus Awards.

The Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Awards are not only about ‘green’ (environmental) programs — they are an effort to recognize and encourage a balanced approach to community engagement, environmental stewardship, and good business management generally. We seek to promote traditional organizations engaging in extraordinary practices while raising awareness around the importance of sustainability in their communities. 

-Any smaller enterprise (an organization of under 500 employees) in the United States or Canada may be nominated for a Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Award. 
-There is no fee to be nominated.
-There is no required membership in any organization to be nominated. 
-Winners of juried Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Awards may not win a juried award two years in a row. 
-Nominees may not be related to or have an existing business relationship with staff or board members of the Institute for Sustainable Development

About the Institute
The Institute for Sustainable Development is a non-profit organization that helps smaller enterprises and their communities to become more sustainable, foster a new generation of sustainability leaders, and to promote dialogues about the theory and practice of sustainability across cultures. Green Plus, the Institute’s flagship program, exists to educate, network, and reward small enterprises in their triple bottom line efforts. Through Green Plus, the Institute strives to help smaller enterprises learn from one another as well as from experts and specifically seeks to celebrate enterprises that are trailblazers — innovating sustainable practices that one might not associate with a given business sector.  

The Institute for Sustainable Development / Green Plus





We educate, motivate, and recognize smaller enterprises for their efforts towards becoming more sustainable. We’re here to offer tangible, practical tips and expertise in sustainability.
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