$50 Green Plus Discount Extended through Nov. 1 – GoGreenforFall


The Institute for Sustainable Development is offering a $50 discount for any new organization signing up by October 31, 2010. Save money on your Green Plus application, learn to save more money as you go through the program and make more money as part of the Green Plus network.

To take advantage of the GoGreenforFall Green Plus discount, click here and enter the code GoGreenforFall (cap sensitive) to receive your $50 discount.

Don’t forget – if your chamber of commerce is a Green Plus Partner, you get an additional $200 off of the retail price of Green Plus – for a total savings of $250! Click here to see if your chamber is a Green Plus Partner.



Here’s What Green Plus Businesses Have to Say

Green Plus helps me save money” – Jeff Baldassari, President & CEO, The Taylor Companies in Bedford, Ohio

“Focusing on reducing energy usage and waste saved my furniture manufacturing company over $100,000 last year.  I don’t get a thank you card from my waste hauler, but I do generate revenue from selling our by-products to businesses and local farms.  Simple measures like asking employees to turn off machines during breaks and switching to more efficient lighting has lowered our utility bill by $80,000.  Reducing waste and energy usage are some of the cheapest ways businesses can become more sustainable and Green Plus helped me discover even more ways to save.”


“Green Plus helps me make money” – Barbara Jessie-Black, Executive Director, The PTA Thrift Shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“Green Plus helped me discover new revenue sources through what we traditionally thought of as waste products.  Not only are we keeping it out of the landfill and helping the local community, we’re also generating extra revenue through the resale of our waste.”



“Green Plus helps me build my company’s brand”  – Alex Gibson, Chief Sustainability Officer, RileyLife Industries in Durham, North Carolina

“Businesses want to do business with other businesses that focus on triple bottom line sustainability.  Our prices are competitive and we have a great reputation but sometimes you need that extra something to be selected for a contract and Green Plus Certification provides us with that extra something.”


“Green Plus reminds my community I’m local.” -Ralph Simpson, President, Warfel Construction, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“Green Plus helps us brand our business as local.  With consumers and communities more interested in supporting local business, we’re able to use the Green Plus certification as a tool to reach that segment of our market.  Part of focusing on the triple bottom line is about supporting your local community and being known as a participator.  In response to that engagement, we’ve found our community supporting us in return.”



“Green Plus helps me attract and keep talented employees.” -Marc Pons, President, Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“Green Plus helped me look at my employee attraction and retention strategies and create stronger policies.  Choosing to close Chapel Hill Tire on Saturdays was not an easy decision, but it has saved me money by lowering employee overtime, solidified my relationship with my employees by giving them more quality time with their families, and made me more attractive to potential employees who are now seeking me out.”


Green Plus helps my company do the right thing” –Chip Cargas, CEO, Cargas Systems in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“Our business does well by doing good.  We are interested in being a sustainable business because it is the right thing to do, for our customers, for our employee-owners, for our environment, and for our community.  It’s what we call ‘Shared Success.’  The traditional ways of doing business and focusing only on the bottom line are not sustainable; technology and society are changing and business needs to adapt as well.  Green Plus helps our business do the right thing and be more successful for it.”

The Institute for Sustainable Development


We educate, motivate, and recognize smaller enterprises for their efforts towards becoming more sustainable. We’re here to offer tangible, practical tips and expertise in sustainability.
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