Ararat Nursing Facility holds to core values while providing excellent caregiving

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Ararat Nursing Facility, a 196 bed skilled nursing facility for the elderly, is located in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1993, under the auspices of the Ararat Home, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1949 to care for elderly Armenians in Southern California. Over 95% of its residents’ stays are funded through Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid program). Their longevity is due partially to their phenomenal staff of over 200 and their business ethic.

The Facility’s primary goal is to create an environment consistent with its core values of compassion,  dignity, respect, integrity, self-determination/choice, empowerment, flexibility, and vision of excellence. In accordance with such principles, Ararat has also signed the Aging Services of California’s and AAHSA’s Quality First Covenant (reinforces the commitment that not-for-profit aging services providers must maximize quality of care and quality of life for older adults).

Ararat employees are valued, trained, and excellent care givers. The company provides employees with a career ladder (with five promotions available), meetings between directors and all levels of caregivers, internal recognition for excellent work (including “pins of excellence” and a “wall of fame”), anonymous recommendations and constructive criticism, monthly status reports, and in-service training for all levels of nurses. Ararat also provides annual merit wages, health insurance, retirement plans, tuition assistance, and flexible time off.

Ararat has consistently received high employee satisfaction ratings of over 95%. It has also received many quality of service and excellence in service awards on the local and national level. 

Ararat’s success is due to its dynamic, team-based culture, enlightened management practices and focus on employee training. The Hitachi Foundation, a Green Plus partner, has helped publicize Ararat Nursing Facility’a efforts and has helped make it a leading employer in the health services industry. For more information about the positive workplace environment and workers’ benefits, click here.

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