Assembled Products Corp. of Rogers, AR, Earns Green Plus Certification


Assembled Products Corporation, a manufacturing company based in Rogers, Arkansas, joined the growing list of businesses and organizations to become Certified Green Plus.

APC, which scored over 90% on the Green Plus Certification Survey, manufactures products that are sold to Fortune 100 Retailers, who, much like the Green Plus program, assess their suppliers on their environmental initiatives and goals.

APC’s dedication to sustainability is evident in the work and commitment of its Environmental Sustainability Committee.  Formed in 2008, the APC Committee is responsible for formulating and executing the company’s sustainability policies.  APC says, “the Committee searches for corporate practices that can make APC more environmentally friendly.   [It seeks] real solutions for real environmental challenges that face us both in our sourcing, in our day to day operations, and in the life cycle of the products we produce.” 

The Committee is also responsible for communicating, educating and involving APC’s staff in its sustainability efforts, which they do through periodic newsletters called The Eco Update and through signage in high-traffic areas, like break rooms and near printers/copiers.  The newsletter and signage updates employees on new environmental policies being implemented at APC, and also provides green tips and resources that employees can practice at home.  The Committee meets monthly and comprises members from several different departments. 

Founded in 1983, APC manufactures products that make life easier for and more efficient for everyone.  With 150 employees and four facilities, APC ensures that every aspect of its business is sustainable, from the energy-efficient manufacturing process all the way down to the water-saving faucets in the restrooms.  APC knows that sustainability is important to the people who buy its products, and prides itself on its sustainability efforts and employee engagement programs.  APC is one of seven business in the Green Plus program that hails from Rogers, Arkansas, and is the second Arkansas business and the 60th company in the United States to earn full Green Plus Certified status.

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