Bix Produce earns Certification, First Green Plus Certified Business in Minnesota


bix produce logoCongratulations to Bix Produce, the most recent business to earn Green Plus Certification, and the first to do so in the state of Minnesota.

St. Paul-based Bix Produce provides produce to customers throughout Minnesota, and into parts of Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Iowa.  It provides bulk and specialty fresh produce to restaurants, hotels, and colleges and universities, among others.  With an increasing customer need for locally grown and sustainably raised food, it was important to Bix Produce to meet those customer needs, while also ensuring the business was serving its employees and providing a great place to work.


“Earning Green Plus Certification is important to myself and our company to showcase our hard work making Bix Produce a better place for our coworkers, community, and our future,” says Mike Koskinen, President of Bix Produce, and the driver behind Bix’s energetic and earnest progress through the Green Plus program.


Bix Produce is not just the first business from Minnesota to earn Green Plus Certification, it is the first and only business in Minnesota to even take part in the program.  Mike is proud of that distinction and adds, “we hope others will follow in our footsteps.”


With the addition of Bix Produce to the network,  Green Plus now has members in 19 states across the country.


Bix Produce came to Green Plus as part of a push by PRO*ACT USA, a food distributor membership organization based in California, to have all of its members earn Green Plus certification.  PRO*ACT, which works with food distributors all over the country, is using Green Plus as the national standard for sustainability for all of its members.  Among its many firsts, Bix Produce was also the first PRO*ACT member to join Green Plus.


Congratulations to Bix Produce, and welcome to the Green Plus Certified family!!


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