Brattle Group Study Assesses Economic Impact of CA Law on Small Business


“According to a new study by The Brattle Group, California’s landmark clean energy law (AB 32) will have virtually unnoticeable impacts on small business… The report, issued by the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy, uses empirical data on the cost characteristics of small businesses to estimate the economic impacts of AB 32. The update to the original report incorporates newly available energy market data and analysis and applies this to a new small business case study. The overall results confirm the 2009 findings.

“Our business members understand that transitioning toward clean, reliable sources of energy will ultimately save money and drive the creation of new jobs,” said Susan Frank, coordinator for the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy. “Small businesses prove every day that they can improve their bottom line while using cleaner energy, reducing waste, lessening dependence on fossil fuels, and improving energy efficiency.”

The Brattle Group projected the likely changes in electricity, natural gas, and gasoline prices due to the major AB 32 policies: pollution cap that puts a price on carbon, a 33% renewable energy standard, increased energy efficiency measures, and a low-carbon fuel standard.

“I have taken a number of modest steps to improve energy efficiency in my business, all of which have benefited my bottom line and given me a competitive advantage,” said Thomas Ackerman, Vice President of Spirit Graphics in Chula Vista and member of the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy. “This study confirms what I already knew: AB 32 won’t hurt small businesses, and in the long term, it will be good for California companies.” From The Ecopreneurist.

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