Builders of Hope: For Your Consideration For the Green Plus People’s Choice Award

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Builders of Hope, a finalist for the 2011 Green Plus Susainable Non-Profit / Social Enterprise Award, is also eligible to win the Green Plus People’s Choice Award. Since 2007, Builders of Hope, a non-profit organization, has helped rebuild homes and lives by providing safe, affordable housing to working families.

“Our solution is unique,” said Founder and CEO Nancy Murray, a former developer who wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. “We incorporate economic, environmental and social solutions into our process.”

Builders of Hope has major development projects underway in Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina and Charlotte, North Carolina and has just planted roots in New Orleans, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas and is working with officials in other cities to forever change the face of affordable housing.  The ease of replication in our model affords Builders of Hope the ability to expand into many other states.

In Their Own Words

Common sense solutions.  Cutting edge technologies.

We hear the word “green” frequently these days, and it means something a little different to everyone.  At Builders of Hope green means we make old new again, and make the new better.  We believe the resources already exist to build housing that is affordable and healthy, that revitalizes neighborhoods and builds economic security for hardworking families and their communities.

We’ve created a model that captures our philosophy and goals, Extreme Green Rehabilitation, and it has set a new industry standard for green rehabilitation.  Extreme Green Rehabilitation is a patent-pending construction program that guides the rehabilitation process through home assessment, site selection, relocation, construction debris management, reconstruction with green building practices and materials and landscaping.”

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