CBI Technologies of Lumberton, NC Earns Green Plus Certification

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CBI Technologies (Controlling Barrier Insects), a perimeter mosquito and pest control company based on the coastal plains of North Carolina in Lumberton has become the latest organization to earn Green Plus Certification.

Harry Carter, the owner and founder of CBI, is very active in his community’s Adopt-a-Highway program and with local animal shelters, and has a personal philosophy that as a perimeter pest control businesses, he is held accountable for operating his business in a manner that is safe for the environment and healthy for the community.  Carter uses EPA-approved pest control measures that do not harm animals, plants, and the surrounding environment, and makes sure to invest the time and effort to research new technologies and equipment that will not only make his own business successful, but will also ensure the health and safety of the surrounding environment. 

Carter uses pest-control strategies that are nontoxic except to the targeted pest and ultra-low volume sprayers to ensure no unnecessary treatments are wasted.  In addition, Carter employs the use of integrated pest management (IPM) and integrated mosquito management (IMM), which are pest control strategies that focus on preventative measures to avoid pest infestations rather than relying solely on using Larvicidal and Adulticidal Insecticides and product treatments.  Through his responsible and sustainable strategies, Carter has become licensed to practice his business all throughout North Carolina, as well as in South Carolina and Georgia, as well as being a FEMA Registered Contractor.  

CBI Technologies, which is a veteran/Native American small business, joined Green Plus through the North Carolina Rural Center, a nonprofit organization that works to improve the economic wellbeing of the 85 counties in North Carolina whose primary economy is agriculture.  

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