Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools becomes first Green Plus Certified school district in the country


Todd LoFrese (L), Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, accepts official Green Plus Certification from Green Plus Community Coordinator Amanda Komar

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School district in North Carolina is the latest organization to earn Green Plus Certification, the first school system in the country to become certified.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools has been partnering with Green Plus since the program’s infancy, before it was even fully established.  It worked in a support and testing capacity as Green Plus was being developed.

Now, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools joins more than 60 businesses and organizations around the country to earn Green Plus Certification.

“One of the things we love about Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is how innovative it is in its approach to sustainability, yet it still implements sensible and obtainable practices,” says Green Plus Community Coordinator Amanda Komar.  “Their commitment to sustainability is fostering a healthier and safer learning environment for children and for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community.”

Some of those practices include:

  • retrofitting buildings to reduce energy consumption
  • managing pest control without the use of chemicals
  • replacing all Styrofoam trays in school cafeterias with biodegradable trays

The school system has a sustainability committee that sets and oversees green practices at the district’s 21 elementary, middle and high schools.  It also implements the district’s new sustainability policy—passed by the School Board in June 2011—that will continue to guide Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools on its path toward greater sustainability.

Official Green Plus Certification was presented to Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools at the monthly school board meeting on Dec. 1, 2011.  Video, audio and minutes of the meeting can be found here.

Green Plus is proud to have the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools join its ranks of Certified organizations, and hopes that it will become a model for other school districts around the country to pursue greater sustainability, as well.


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