Chapel Hill Restaurant Group Is First Certified Green Plus Business


It can be a challenge to run a restaurant successfully while upholding high environmental standards.  Chapel Hill Restaurant Group not only successfully runs five restaurants in the Triangle area, but manages to do it while consistently pushing the environmental and social standards of how restaurants can be run.

  • CHRG has been referred to as the “Rock Stars of Recycling” by Blair Pollock – Solid Waste Manager – Orange County Landfill, for reducing solid waste by 60% in the last ten years.
  • In addition to recycling plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, and office paper, CHRG gathers food scraps for composting, and collect all used cooking oils for use as Biofeuls.
  • Working with the NC Coastal Federation, CHRG collects and transports all their oyster shells from Squid’s to the North Carolina coast, where they are used to rebuild the state’s oyster beds.
  • The Chapel Hill Restaurant Group’s latest property – MEZ Contemporary Mexican in the RTP- is North Carolina’s first LEED designed restaurant. Owners estimate the building is well on the way to saving them substantial money, as the building is using 40% less energy and 60% less water than their older, comparably sized restaurants.
  • Chapel Hill Restaurant group was named 2007 “Sustainable Business of the Year” by the Foundation for a Sustainable Community.
  • CHRG was an early entrant into the ‘buy local’ approach, starting over 25 years ago, and actively buys as much produce and as many food products as possible from local farmers.
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