COSE Energy Solutions Forum, Feb. 11 from 8:30-10:30am at The Taylor Companies

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As energy prices increase and utilities introduce energy efficiency surcharges that may raise business expenses significantly, it is more important than ever to consider ways to make your business more efficient and sustainable to improve your bottom line.

The COSE Energy Solutions program has been designed to encourage the smart use of electricity, reduce demand, save dollars and help businesses meet the energy efficiency standards in Senate Bill 221. The Greater Cleveland Partnership and COSE are committed to helping as many businesses as possible avoid potential surcharges in 2011 and experience the additional cost benefits of energy efficiency improvements.

We will provide you with information on the custom options available for businesses looking to become more efficient and sustainable. The event will feature information for businesses of all sizes.  Small businesses will be able to learn about the Ohio Small Business Energy Grant program and the COSE Lighting Retrofit Program.  Larger businesses will have the opportunity to learn how to avoid the DSE2 rider through FirstEnergy’s Mercantile Programs. Mercantiles (700,000+ kWh annually) that have completed energy efficiency projects since 2006 will be able to report those projects, complete the mercantile self-direct application, and file the PUCO’s EL-EEC Application.

The agenda for the event will be:

  • What is SB221 & How Will It Impact Businesses?
  • FirstEnergy’s Energy Efficiency Program
  • What is Demand Side Management?
  • The Ohio Small Business Energy Grant
  • COSE’s Lighting Retrofit Program
  • The Demand Side Energy 2 (DSE2) Rider & FirstEnergy’s Mercantile Programs

Featured Speakers:
-Eco Engineering
-Lighting Services, Inc.
-FirstEnergy Corp.

Following the event, attendees will tour The Taylor Companies, the oldest furniture manufacturer in the United States and the first business in Ohio to be Green Plus Certified.

Seating is Limited. Register Today!



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