Counter Culture Coffee Supports Employees’ Sustainability Projects With Green Fund

Counter Culture Coffee has officially announced a new program to support the personal sustainability-related projects of our employees.  The Counter Culture Coffee Green Fund will match employees’ financial investments in self-motivated sustainability projects up to $500 per year.  Such projects might include green building classes, personal finance, gardening supplies, public transportation fees, alternative fuel systems, commuter bicycle maintenance, and solar panel installation.  The fund will also support community involvement projects such as public transportation to and from volunteer work at a nonprofit or community center.  Employees interested in applying for the matching funds fill out a simple online application, which is reviewed by Counter Culture’s internal Sustainability Committee.
“At Counter Culture, we are just as passionate about achieving real sustainability – environmental, fiscal, and social – as we are about creating great quality and providing cutting-edge coffee education,” said Sustainability & Producer Relations Manager Kim Elena Bullock.  “We hope that this Green Fund, like other life-enhancing benefits such as comprehensive health care coverage and matching 401(k) investments, contributes to a healthier workplace, a better work/life balance for our employees, and ultimately, a more successful and sustainable business,” Bullock concluded. Counter Culture is a Certified Green Plus company.

The Institute for Sustainable Development / Green Plus


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