Cut Energy, Cut Costs

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hw_power_lineCutting the amount of energy you use in your business is an easy way to do a favor for both the environment and your bottom line. Businesses waste electricity all the time – by leaving appliances plugged in (even when turned off, many appliances still use electricity – think of the digital clock on your DVD player, for example), or by heating/cooling their office space more than necessary or even when nobody is there. From a business perspective, this makes little sense – after all, you’re paying for the electricity you use, even if it isn’t advancing your business goals or helping you make money. has a slideshow that gives tips – some easy, some more challenging – on cutting down your energy usage. More tips are also available in the Green Plus How-To Guide. Lastly, Microsoft has additional energy-saving advice in a broader column on cutting costs. And we can’t help but notice that other pieces of advice on Microsoft’s list – such as using web technology to limit business transportation costs or cross-training employees to increase efficacy – are all part of the triple-bottom-line sustainability strategy that Green Plus encourages.

Elizabeth Liedel is a joint degree candidate at Duke University, pursuing an MBA at the Fuqua School of Business and a Master of Environmental Management at the Nicholas School for the Environment. She is on the Executive Committee of the Duke Microfinance Leadership Initiative and is active in...
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