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090511-xerox-storyWe all try to print less, email more and reduce our waste, but printing and copying is a fact of life for businesses.  Xerox is working on printing technology that could help cut both waste and costs.  The company recently released their new ColorQube 9200 series of multifunction printers, which uses a solid ink cartridge technology capable of high-speed, business-class printing.

Xerox cites some key environmental advantages of its new printer including 90 percent less supplies waste with its cartridge-free design, 9 percent less lifecycle energy, and 10 percent fewer greenhouse gases than a comparable laser device.  The printers achieve all of this while also saving up to to 62% in color printing costs versus traditional color lasers. highlights some more of the environmental advantages of ColorQube printers.  I’m definitely not saying to scrap your old printers and run out to Xerox for a quote, but this technology offers an interesting alternative if you are in the market for a new printer. Also, the recently released ColorQube line is just a commercial-sized version of solid ink printers that Xerox already offers – which may make more sense for the needs of small businesses.


  • print and copy double-sided – duplexing helps save energy in addition to reducing waste and paper costs
  • e-mail your documents as attachments whenever possible
  • edit documents on screen rather than printing out and hand editting
  • fax directly from your computer if possible
  • and of course, print on recycled paper and recycle paper waste
Teddy Salgado is a master's student at Duke's Fuqua School of Business pursuing his MBA with concentrations in Social Entrepreneurship and Decision Sciences. His professional interests include business strategy and development, particularly with environmentally and socially sustainable...
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