City of Raleigh Offering Green Cleaning Course June 29 & 30

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The city of Raleigh Office of Sustainability is hosting a Green Cleaning training course on indoor air quality and environmental air quality. The course is part of the city’s Green Building Training Program, which is funded by a U.S. Department of Energy grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Through the Green Building Training Program, the Office of Sustainability offers classes and certifications, such as the Green Cleaning course, to field professionals for a $25 refundable fee per class. Participants must provide evidence that they live or work in the city of Raleigh. Participants may also show a business license or an invoice of work. The Green Building Training program empowers small businesses with the tools and skills to market themselves in the emerging green economy. The program also ensures that Raleigh has a skilled work force trained in cutting-edge technologies, enabling the city and its residents to build greener and healthier.

With the ever growing concern regarding sick-building syndrome, asthma rates, and air quality, having knowledge of green cleaning will provide a cleaning business with pertinent skills and tools to expand. In addition to covering all aspects of indoor air quality and environmental air quality, the Green Cleaning training course offers green cleaning basics and natural cleaning methods. The city of Raleigh has contracted with Becoming Green Inc. to instruct the course. The class will be held on June 29 and June 30. Registration begins on May 26 and continues until June 2.

For more information on the Green Building Training Program, including how to register for courses, visit the city of Raleigh’s website at

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