Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit to Benefit Green Plus

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Turning junk into works of art

by Deborah R. Meyer, Photo by Harry Lynch

She had no plan for how to use them until an invitation arrived at her doorstep. It came from the steering committee for the Scrapel Hill Art Contest & Exhibit now at University Mall. It asked Gignoux and other artists to submit pieces composed of materials that had been used for another purpose, such as a soda can or a plastic bag.

Suddenly, the red pail full of the amazing rusted shards had a destiny, along with some brown paper bags sprayed with paint that someone had given Gignoux.

“I thought, I can marry these two worlds together and create a non-quilt out of non-traditional materials,” Gignoux said. “All of the sudden I’ve renewed these things that were not properly thrown away. They get to have a new song,”

University Mall was purchased in January 2008 by the Madison Marquette group, which wants to make the mall a vibrant arts and community space.  To read the rest of this article by the Chapel Hill News click here.

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