Exciting Announcement! Green Plus now a program of The Redwoods Group Foundation

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You might’ve noticed that we’ve been a little absent on this blog recently, but we promise there’s a good reason!  We are happy to announce that Green Plus is now a program of The Redwoods Group Foundation!  We’re excited to be a part of the Foundation team, and are eager to get started on  scaling up the Green Plus program from here.  


About Our New Home

The Redwoods Group was one of our earliest Green Plus Certified organizations, and has been an incredibly supportive and engaged partner over the years.  The Redwoods Group Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the company, which catalyzes programs that foster positive social change, and provides the support necessary for these programs to reach a greater number of people with more effectiveness.  Our similar missions and goals toward improving the social and environmental impacts on the health of local communities makes our organizations perfectly aligned to learn from and support each other.  


What Does This Mean For Our Members?

Other than being supported by a different organization, Green Plus’s mission and services will remain the same.  This website and the Green Plus twitter and facebook accounts will remain active and updated regularly.  Amanda Komar will continue to be the Program Director for Green Plus.  If you have any questions about this merger, please contact her at akomar @ gogreenplus.org.  

With this merger, Green Plus will be able to provide all of our members with added benefits and programs that will lead to continued success with the triple bottom line.  

We’re looking forward to getting back to work!

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