Finger Puppets Inc. earns Green Plus Certification


Finger Puppets Inc logoCongratulations to Finger Puppets Inc., the latest business to earn Green Plus Certification!


Based in Palm Desert, CA, Finger Puppets Inc. makes sustainably produced finger puppets and toys for children.  Right from the onset, founder and CEO Robby Sorensen was extremely motivated to make his business as sustainable as possible, from the materials, to the labor, to the packaging. He has been working since the company’s inception in 2013 to ensure that all of Finger Puppets Inc.’s products are sourced using sustainable products, and that all of the artisans hired to make the toys are paid a fair wage.


“Our company philosophy is to try and give back more than we take, always remembering that even the littlest things can make the biggest difference,” says Sorensen. “Being Green Plus Certified is a proud accomplishment we worked hard to achieve, but it represents everything that our brand stands for.”


Finger Puppets Inc. also has many other Certifications and recognition under its belt, including Green America, Fair Trade, and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Congratulations to Finger Puppets Inc.!  


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